A workshop: three European projects on water and sustainability implemented in Lebanon

A workshop at the University of Balamand on three European projects centered on the study of water in Lebanon

The University of Balamand, in cooperation with the Lebanese University, organized on Thursday morning May 12, 2022, a workshop on water treatment in Lebanon at Nahyan Hall – University of Balamand, Koura.

This workshop included:

1. The project “Towards Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater in the Mediterranean Region” (Aquacycle) – Dr. ElMoll Ahmad from the Faculty of Health of the Lebanese University

2. Study of plastic particles in seawater (Clam), Prof. Clovis Francis from the Faculty of Engineering of the Lebanese University

3. Wastewater Disposal in Hospital Sector (Swath) – Dr. Makram Bashwati from University of Balamand – Faculty of Engineering