CIMEE22 Plenary and Keynote Speakers

CONFERENCE PRESENTATION VALUE. Attend conferences as a method of staying current and testing new work. You can also network with colleagues in your research field. Presenting at conferences have the added benefit of personalizing your work and providing a face and voice to it. You can use it to test how your work is received and use the feedback received to build your work further before aiming to publish in journals and other forms of academic publishing.

Brief Biography Biography-Marzena-Smol-1DownloadTalk title: Bio-based fertilisers (BBF) in agriculture – achievements and trends
Prof. Marzena Smol
Brief Biography Biography-I-SAADOUNE DownloadTalk title: Layered oxides s convenient electrochemical energy storage materials for Li- and Na-ion batteries.
Prof. Ismael Saadoune
Brief Biography Biography-D.-Hammiche Download Talk title: Waste and biomass valorization for use as Bio fillers for biocomposites.
Prof. Dalila Hammiche
Brief Biography Biography-ELMOLL DownloadTalk title: Toward an Environmentally Sustainable Future: the key role of green chemistry innovations
Ass. Prof. ElMoll Ahmad
Brief Biography Biography-TadeuszTalk title: Environmental surveillance with Mössbauer spectrometry, magnetic methods, and modern gravimetry
Prof. Tadeusz Szumiata
Brief Biography Biography-MNV-Prasad DownloadTalk title: Biodiversity as a tool box for environmental cleanup with emphasis on resource recovery
Prof. M N V Prasad
Brief Biography Biography-Najla-FOURATI-1DownloadTalk title: Trends and perspectives in surface acoustic wave sensors
Dr. Najla Fourati
Brief Biography Biography-Irina-Shtangeeva DownloadTalk title : Biogeochemistry of poorly studied of trace elements
Prof. Irina Shtangeeva.
Brief BiographyTalk title: Nanobiocatalysis: Challenges and applications
Dr. Ashok Kumar Nadda
Brief Biography Biography-Giusy-Lofrano DownloadNot received
Prof. Giusy Lofrano
Brief Biography Biography-Sajan-D-George DownloadTalk title: Surface Engineering at Nanoscale – Design and Applications
Prof. Sajan Daniel George
Brief Biography Biography-Luisa-Torsi DownloadNot received
Prof. Luisa Torsi
Brief Biography Biography-Susana-R-Couto DownloadFungal laccases for environmental Applications
Prof. Susana Rodriguez-Couto

Brief Biography. New complementary biotechnologies for sustainable development adopted to Climate change and COVID-19 Pandemic, Prof. Jan W Dobrowolski


1- All the accepted Abstracts will be published in the Abstract E-book of the Conference. (registration is mandatory)

2- Submission of Extended Abstracts is OPTIONAL. All accepted Extended Abstracts (before the deadline) will be published in the Extended Abstract E-book of the Conference. In this case you should use the template provided for the Extended Abstract and your manuscript must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 A4 pages. You should send this document to:

3- Moreover, high quality communications will be invited in September 2022 to participate in the Special Issue of the partners Conference Journal (this process involves a peer review according the instructions for authors). In this case you should not send the Extended Abstract of the previous section 2. (All abstract presenters must register and pay the registration fee)

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