Dear Authors,

Dear CIMEE20 participants,

(Published conference papers report)

We would like to express, above all, our sincere gratitude and most sincere thanks to all the authors for the excellent work you have provided in this International Symposium. We appreciated the diligence and professional conscience with which you accompanied us in this process.

Publishing in an internationally renowned journal offers a better means of providing evidence of the scientific visibility of research. On the other hand, the publication of the research paper is important for the dissemination of knowledge and science and the best way to show the hard work to the international community is its publication. The Steps of Writing and Publishing Research work is proof of authentication, reliability of results and people will know how well the scientific community has excelled in a particular subject and Topic.

All of the manuscripts submitted to the Scientific Committee of the CIMEE20 International Symposium were evaluated by the members of the appointed committee and here are the selection results:

CIMEE20 CommitteeScientific committeeTechnical program CommitteeAdvisory and review committee
number of Manuscripts selected1174

I would like, on behalf of the Scientific Committee, and on my own behalf, to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Khélifi, N., Senior Publishing Editor at Springer, Africa (MENA) region

I would also like to express my gratitude to all colleagues at the Journal and particularly to Professor Chehimi M.M., Executive Editor-in-Chief of Chemistry Africa (Springer Nature) for his commitment to continue this work for more than three months in reviewing and publishing the best manuscripts.

And it is with great satisfaction that we have recorded unprecedented interest from all the members of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee who have worked in all stages of the selection of quality manuscripts.

We will always be at the service of all researchers in the world to welcome their research work and the presentation of their oral communication at the next edition of the International CIMEE22 colloquium as well as the publication of their scientific work in the best journals.

Yours sincerely

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