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Tendances Technologiques, CRMN
Le Potentiel Tunisien, CRMN
The Regional Director of AUF in the Middle East, Dr. Jean-Noel Baleo Speech

The New regional director of AUF in the Middle East, Jean-Noël Baléo, (PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the Ecole des Mines de Paris and HDR at the University of Nantes.) gave a speech via video conference and talked about the new challenges of universities in the Middle East related to education and research through the use of digital tools and the importance of developing a coherent partnership policy between universities and the socio-professional world in addition to developing expertise and capabilities Innovation. The regional director insisted during his speech on strengthening, exchanges and interaction between the regional management and university establishments, and consolidating its institutional partnerships in the service of ambitious projects.

Dr. Hiba Mawlawi delivered the speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, Professor Hasna Bou Haroun, in which she focused on the importance of addressing the growing environmental problems in the world, and providing a safe and healthy environment through rationalizing consumption and preserving natural and environmental resources for future generations.

Dr. Mohamad Fadel Al-Tabche, Director of the Faculty of Sciences, Section 3, delivered a speech by the President of the Lebanese University and the Dean of the Doctoral School for science and technology, talking about the importance of this conference and its role in building a solid foundation for the existing research facilities at the university and highlighting the opportunities available to researchers at the Lebanese University and other universities so that Lebanon can take a pioneering role in the field Chemical sciences and environmental sciences, and he hoped that the fourth conference would be held in presence and in better conditions

A little word of APPRECIATION. We would like to properly thank the AUF, it is really important to remember those who are fighting for with us to make this event a success. Thanks to Dr. Imad Kassaa the director of CNF Tripoli for the technical support

Our sincere APPRECIATION for the presenter of this event Dr. Fatima Yahya, Member of Scientific Committee

Opening Keynote Session

CIMEE20 Opening Keynote session