Manuscripts selected by the journal of Chemistry Africa (Springer) and published

Dear colleagues,

The number of manuscripts submitted to the Second International Symposium on Materials, Electrochemistry and the Environment, CIMEE18, is 12. The CIMEE18 Advisory and review committee have selected the 9 papers that will go into review for possible publication at Chemistry Africa (Springer). The journal have selected 6 papers

Guest Editors :

Dr. ElMoll Ahmad (FPH, Doctoral School of Science and Technology, Lebanese University, Lebanon),

Dr. Konstantinos V. Plakas (CPERI, CERTH, Thessaloniki, Greece),

Pr. Rachid Slaghi (ENSA, Agadir, Morocco),

Kindly find attached the certificate of the journal of Chemistry Africa, (Springer) concerning the CIMEE18 manuscripts submitted to the journal for publication as research papers

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